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        First batch of companies that meet the "Tyre Industry Access Conditions" list released
        2019-12-06 10:56:05返回上一頁

        On April 13, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China issued the [No. 14 of 2016] announcement, which announced the first batch of 23 enterprises that met the “Treading Conditions for Tire Industry”.

        According to the announcement, according to the "Tire Industry Access Conditions" and "Temporary Measures for the Management of Tire Production Enterprises", the enterprise's independent declaration, provincial industrial and information administration authorities verify the recommendation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organizes expert group review, on-site spot check And the procedures for online publicity, etc., the list of tire companies (first batch) that meet the "Tire Industry Access Conditions" will be announced.

        The list is as follows:


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