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        Seven Upcoming Trends of China's tyre Industry
        2019-11-07 16:38:56返回上一頁

        As domestic car sales soared, it led to the reshuffle of a new round of car tires. Now the domestic tire market has become a must for all major tire brands, and everyone hopes that they can play a pivotal role in the Chinese tire market.

        The existing tire industry experts pointed out that China's tire market will have seven major trends, which is also a problem that major tire wholesalers should consider.

        The first big trend: As people's concept of green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon travel continues to improve, green tires are recognized by most consumers. Therefore, both manufacturers and distributors must pay attention to the needs of consumers, along with consumers. The pace of efforts to move forward to vigorously develop "green tires."

        The second biggest trend: With the implementation of the tire labeling method in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union and other countries, China will introduce the green tire industrialization plan and the green tire self-discipline standard this year in order to integrate with the international standards, which will promote China’s “labeling method”. . This will promote the orderly and harmonious development of China's tire wholesale market.

        The third major trend: With the development of industry, industrial automation has been editing various industries. At present, tire manufacturers have applied automation to some tire production. In the future, comprehensive automation will replace mechanization. As the level of technology improves, the level of tire manufacturing will also be greatly improved, both in terms of product quality and production efficiency.

        The fourth major trend: At present, domestic tire manufacturers are in the era of arrogant screams, and the overproduction of various small brand tires has seriously affected the domestic tire market. Many manufacturers are now facing the status quo of restructuring. It is not always possible to contend with such a hundred schools. Since ancient times, there has been an ancient training for the survival of the fittest. Therefore, we are all waiting to meet new challenges.

        The fifth trend: Many brand tire manufacturers are now building more and more factories in Southeast Asia and other rubber raw materials, which saves the transportation costs of raw materials. Now Southeast Asia has gradually become the destination of Chinese tire companies.

        The sixth trend: Since domestic tire companies are generally small-scale enterprises, there is still a big gap between this highly competitive social production level and the international market. In this competitive and inferior environment, we should strive to develop technology and improve our tire quality. . The reduction of sales activities and tire prices by various tire companies in China has become a common means of expansion. Nowadays, more and more tire manufacturers in China are aware that reducing tire prices and various promotional activities have not been a good method in the tire industry. Now many tire companies have begun to realize this and started to improve tire quality and technology. Brand war. China's tire market will enter the battle from tire price war to tire brand.


        The seventh trend: winter tires in the Chinese tire market should be the fastest growing tires. The reason for this trend is that people's awareness of car maintenance has also increased due to the improvement of domestic living standards. Due to the four distinct seasons in northern China, it is becoming more common to replace winter tires in winter. The demand for winter tires has increased with the cooling of the temperature, so the domestic winter tire market will be the target of the major tire companies. Nowadays, tires such as Michelin tires, Dunlop tires, Bridgestone tires, and Hankook tires have been continuously updated with winter tires. Generally in August, major tire wholesalers have begun to sell winter tires in order to meet customer needs.

            According to the 2013-2017 China Tire Industry Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, in the increasingly fierce competition, tire companies should expand their market share if they want to emerge in the craze of flowers. The primary task is to create a brand effect, adapt to the needs of customers, use excellent production technology, and conquer customers with excellent tire quality to bring customers environmentally friendly, more comfortable and more suitable tires for consumers. I want to make my tire brand a household name. I must understand the demand of the tires in the market, follow the trend of the tire market, and build my own brand.

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